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New Pony Productions and Ron Bowman, producer, director, writer and animation designer.

Our business description includes: Documentary Filmmakers, Documentaries, Filmmakers, Independent Filmmakers, Indie Film, animation, recreations, re-enactments, historical video-documentarian

You can find our work within these catagories: Sicily mummies, mummy hunters, Capuchin, Will Wright, Spore, tool-kit genes, global warming, Alec Baldwin, James Hansen, Mark Lynas, Six Degrees, Bob Ballard, Santorini, Minoan, Deep Impact, NASA, Ball Aerospace, python, alligator, Everglades, Skip Snow, Strange Days, Edward Norton, Yellowstone, St Lucia, John Terborgh, Doug Smith, wolves, Wyoming, Daniel Pauly, Comet, Meteor, Asteroid, tattoo, Hamer, Ethiopia, scarification, Cambodian gangs, Spencer Tunick, skin, evolution, Gary Vermeij, landslide, Derbyshire, Neanderthal, arson, detectives, firefighter, NYFD, Andre Braugher, DDay, Normandy, Peter Jennings, water, Pearl Harbor, David Brinkley, Ron Bowman.

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