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. . . . . As show runner, co-executive producer, director, and writer, Ron has worked across a huge variety of genres: documentary, reality, science, specials, true crime, re-enanctments, talent/celebrity, expedition and adventure, history, wildlife, disaster, biography, news, multi-cam, live-event, and commercial -- all with entertaining and inspiring results!

. . . . . Ron is show-running season 2 of Monsters & Mysteries in America, a series he launched, designed, supervised and wrote for the Discovery Channel Destination America network. Highest rated series premiere and finale in the history of this network.

. . . . . As Co-EP, Ron helped create the recent pilot, The Ghost Inside My Child, a new paranormal series on Biography Channel, and as show runner, he directed and wrote Your Body On Drugs for the Discovery Channel Curiosity series, hosted by Robin Williams.

. . . . . Ron was nominated for three Emmys for Skin - produced for Nat Geo, it anticipated TV s tattoo craze, weaving race, science and culture. The Secret Life of Money, a mini-series for History Channel, featured extensive re-enactments filmed on five continents to tell the story of two thousand years of money. Over The Long Haul, a verite film about the American road warriors featured musicians Willie Nelsen and Kris Kristofferson.

. . . . . Ron Bowman began his career as a producer of investigative and historical docs at ABC News and over the years his shows have been recognized with the highest awards for both network and cable programming, including the Peabody Award and numerous Emmys and nominations, including Best Directing, Best Overall Documentary, Best editing, Best animation/FX.

. . . . . Ron has created and supervised more than 100 hours of documentary projects from development, pitching, and production through delivery. He has been the principal figure in treatments, scripting, budgets, schedules, event and multi-camera directing, animation design, and carrying cuts and scripts through post to finishing. He has been highly involved with talent and music contracts, management, business and legal affairs, promotion and distribution.



Monsters & Mysteries in America - Destination America / Discovery and M2 Pictures: As Co-EP, Ron developed the creative style of the series; show ran the series; wrote all six episodes; supervised all re-enactments ans doc elements, VFX, live music, editorial, post, finishing and delivery. Series premiere: Sunday, March 24, 2013.

Films recently completed as show runner, producer, director, writer:

The Ghost Inside My Child - Biography Channel / Joke Productions - As Co-Executive Producer he created pilot for new series on reincarnation. Supervised casting, developed storylines, directed verite and re-enactments, supervised edit. 2012

Your Body on Drugs - Curiosity series / Discovery Channel / Base Productions
Ground-breaking science special featuring real drug users getting high and facing physical and mental tests. Hosted by Robin Williams. As show runner/co-executive producer, director and writer, Ron was responsible for developing storylines, directing host talent, creating as much character-based drama as possible in a science format, supervising the challenging logistics of a production built around drug addicts, oversaw elaborate CG, supervised four edit rooms through delivery. 2011

Never Came Home - Unusual Suspects series / Discovery ID / LMNO Productions
True Crime cases brought to life. Ron Bowman was brought on for post to write a compelling who-dunnit? about a tragic missing teen mystery. 2011

Clash of the Americas - National Geographic Channel - Astonishing animal encounters between prehistoric creatures. Extensive animation. As producer, director, writer, Ron developed all the storylines, directed challenging field expeditions in the remote jungles of Venezuela, for shark dives in the Caribbean, and created an innovative "graphic novel" look to the CG animation. 2011

Moment of Impact - PBS / Nature Mini-series. New camera technologies and cutting edge computer animation captures the epic moments of nature, revealing the brilliance behind animal behavior. Producer, director, writer, animation designer. 2010.

Six Degrees Could Change the World - National Geographic - Two-hour Special filmed on five continents. A science-based Sci-Fi doc exploring how the next century of climate change could look and feel. Ron supervised the production, directed all sequences in the field, co-wrote the script, designed the animation and oversaw multiple editing rooms through delivery. 2008. *2009 Emmy nomination.

Python vs. Gator - National Geographic - natural history mystery in the Florida Everglades: an huge alligator is found half-inside a dead 13-foot Burmese python. The photo was a viral web sensation. Ron directed the verite and recre shoots, and wrote the episode. In making the show, Ron discovered and featured Robbie and Stephen Keszey, who would go on to become TV s "Swamp Brothers." 2005

Comet Collision! - Discovery Channel - Three years in the making, the Special follows one of the most ambitious [and slightly insane] NASA missions ever attempted. As show runner, director, writer, and animation designer, Ron had oversight of dozens of production personnel ranging from field to animation, budget, and post. *2006 Emmy nominations - Best Science Documentary, Best graphics and animation.

Strange Days on Planet Earth - National Geographic - Mini-series hosted by actor Edward Norton. Ron produced, directed and co-wrote the episode, Predators. Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival, Best Film, *Emmy nomination - Best animation. 2005

Fireballs From Space - Discovery Channel - Special on comets, asteroids and meteors. 2001. Ron Bowman: Producer, Director, Writer, Animation and Visual Effects Director.
*Gold Special Jury Award - WorldFest Houston.

Skin - National Geographic/PBS - (2002). Ron Bowman - Director, Writer, Producer, Animation Supervisor *Nominated for 3 Emmys: Directing, Animation, and Best Overall Documentary.

Arson: Clues in the Ashes - Discovery Channel - Verite mixed with re-enactments and forensic science tells the story of NYFD arson detectives. Ron Bowman: producer, director, writer. 1996

Secret Life of Money - History Channel - 4-episode mini-series, filmed on five continents, explores pervasive influence of money on two thousand years of history. Extensive re-enactments. Ron Bowman: show runner, director, writer. 1997

D-DAY: The Soldier s Story - ABC News Turning Point - 50th Anniversary Special - using re-enactments, location footage and hundreds of interviews, the documentary explores WWII s most critical turning point. Host: Peter Jennings 1995, Ron Bowman: producer, writer

Over The Long Haul - PBS - observational documentary of American road warriors: truck drivers, boat captains, and freight train crews and featuring musicians, Willy Nelson and Kris Kristofferson. - Ron Bowman: producer, director, writer. 1995

Water: A Celebration - National Geographic - Ron Bowman: Producer.
*Emmy award 1993

Pearl Harbor: Two Hours That Changed the World - ABC News - 50th Anniversary Special - Host: David Brinkley (1991) Ron Bowman: segment producer.
*George Foster Peabody Broadcasting Award

Member: Writers Guild of America, West.
Judge, 2010 News and Documentary Emmy awards.

Represented by: APA Talent and Literary Agency, Beverly Hills, CA



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